IODASA Code Of Conduct  Agreement

The Code of Conduct is the minimum standard behaviour expected by IODASA Members. We require our sailing participants and their families to abide by the following Rules of Conduct.

By Taking out IODASA membership it is taken that you have read and accept the terms therein.

Rules of Conduct

  • I will encourage and support other IODASA members learn and adhere to acceptable behaviours through my conduct and role-modelling of my behaviour.
  • I will not bring the reputation of IODASA or fellow IODASA members into disrepute through my behaviour or the choices I make.
  • I will be honest, fair, courteous, respectful and a good sport, whether I am winning or losing.
  • I will treat competitors, coaches, regatta officials, parents (care givers), hosts and all others with respect.
  • I will support and encourage participation by making sailing inclusive, fun, safe, free of bullying and full of good sportsmanship and friendship
  • I will use my best efforts to learn and follow the Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • I will respect the decisions of officials, coaches and administrators.
  • I will respect the rights and worth of every person, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion.
  • I will accept responsibility for my decisions and actions.
  • I will ensure that my decisions and actions contribute to a safe and harassment-free environment.
  • I will comply with the reasonable requests of any club official, regatta official, team coach, volunteer and/or parents (care givers), chaperone that may be associated with an event.
  • I will not use another's property without permission, steal or damage another's property.
  • I will follow all safety procedures and instructions given by race officials, regatta hosts and other responsible adults. I will promptly notify a race official, coach or responsible adult if another person is in danger.
  • I will not engage in any abusive, bullying or threatening behaviour, this includes:
  • I will not hit, abuse, bully, make fun of or call anyone names.
  • I will not swear or curse.
  • I will not abuse my equipment in anger.
  • I will not engage in any conduct that endangers the health or safety of another IODSA member or competitor.

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